Great Label for a Nanonation!

Princeps Take 10

A live recording of my original orchestral composition “Princeps” at FAMES orchestral recording studio. I layered some additional library instruments in the post-production.

They recorded a number of takes, this being the last. They played it continuously from start to end, and Boris Kaeski managed to capture the entire take in a single shot.


  • Composition: Tuomas Nurmi
  • Orchestration: Tuomas Nurmi & Felipe Moreno
  • Conductor: Oleg Kondratenko
  • Production Coordinator: Stefana Markovich
  • Audio Engineers / Arber Curri,
  • ProTools Operators: Dragisha Stojanov
  • Orchestra Manager: Riste Trajkovski
  • Stage Manager: Ilija Grkovski
  • Videography: Boris Kaeski (Dopeness productions)
  • Mixing & video titles: Millisong